Transportation Improvement Study for Routes 1A, 114, and 107, and Other Major Roadways in Salem

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Posted 12/05

This study examined concerns of the City of Salem and citizens related to traffic congestion, pedestrian mobility, and access to public transportation. In consultation with a study advisory committee, the Boston Region MPO's Central Transportation Planning Staff conducted data collection, performed analyses using a traffic simulation model, and developed short-term and long-term improvements to address concerns in five areas: 1) Riley Plaza traffic circulation; 2) other congested intersections; 3) pedestrian circulation on Washington Street; 4) pedestrian access to the commuter rail station; and 5) pedestrian crossings at Saltonstall School.

The short-term improvements are generally low-cost and could be implemented relatively quickly. The long-term improvements are more costly but could be implemented in three to five years.

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