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The MPO offers its member communities technical assistance to address transportation concerns such as traffic operations, bicycle and pedestrian access, livability, parking, and bus stop locations.

We encourage municipalities to reach out to the program contact individuals cited, or to fill out the form below.

Community Transportation Technical Assistance Program

The process begins with the community inviting a team of transportation planners to discuss the issues, and ends with the planners recommending solutions to address the concerns. Since the program’s inception, more than 15 communities have received recommendations ranging from traffic calming and intersection redesign to pedestrian circulation and bicycle accommodation.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Morgan, MPO Staff, at 857.702.3683 or

Regional Transit Service Planning Technical Support

Interested in growing ridership, optimizing routes, and making service more cost-effective? Whether you’re a regional transit authority, transportation management association, Metropolitan Area Planning Council subregion, or a municipality, MPO staff will help you improve the transit service that you fund or operate.

For more information, please contact Paul Christner, MPO Staff, at 857.702.3707 or

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