Development of the FFY 2022 Unified Planning Work Program

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You are invited to participate in the development of the next Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The timeline to the right includes important documents and upcoming milestones, meetings, and events.


September to January: Gather ideas about possible studies from MPO staff, member municipalities, and the public

January to April: Analyze, evaluate, and select studies based on criteria and factors such as regional relevance, links to other MPO research, probability of implementation, rootedness in Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) values, and funding constraints

May to June: Incorporate feedback from MPO members, municipalities, the Regional Transportation Advisory Council, the public, and staff, and agree on a final list of studies for federal funding

July: Receive public comment on a draft document containing studies and other MPO budget priorities

Early August: Receive final endorsement by the MPO board

Late summer: Receive approval from our federal partners

To review this year’s UPWP development process and relevant documents, see the timeline to the right of this page. Future meeting dates are tentative; please confirm meeting times on the MPO Meeting Calendar.

July 15, 2021–August 13, 2021: FFY 2022 UPWP Public Comment Period

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At the MPO meeting on July 15, 2021, the board voted to release a draft (PDF) (HTML) of the FFY 2022 UPWP for a 30-day public review period. The MPO will accept comments from members of the public through August 13, 2021. The MPO expects to vote to endorse the UPWP at its meeting on August 19, 2021. The UPWP includes a list of studies MPO staff will conduct over the next year, as seen in the table below. MPO staff will host one virtual open house during the public review period. Join us to learn more about the UPWP and other MPO activities.

UPWP Virtual Open House 2021
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
4:00 PM–5:00 PM

Questions and comments may be submitted to Sandy Johnston, UPWP Manager, at, or 857.702.3710, or via our feedback form.

New Discrete Funded Studies in FFY 2022
Project ID Study or Program Proposed
FFY 2022 CTPS Budget
TBD Trip Generation Follow-Up $20,000
TBD Travel Demand Management Follow-Up  $10,000
TBD COVID-19 Recovery Research and Technical Assistance $10,000
13422 Addressing Safety, Mobility, and Access on Subregional Priority Roadways $133,000
13522 Addressing Priority Corridors from the LRTP Needs Assessment $145,000
13722 Safety and Operations at Selected Intersections $82,000
TBD The Future of the Curb Phase 3 $70,000
TBD Addressing Equity and Access in the Blue Hills $40,000
TBD Identifying Transportation Inequities in the Boston Region $70,000
20906 Staff-Generated Research and Technical Assistance $20,000
Total for New Discrete and Recurring Studies $600,000



Sandy Johnston
UPWP Manager