A Short guide to submitting a UPWP study idea

This guide walks you through the information that is required in order for Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) staff to evaluate a study proposal. By following this guide when you submit your proposal, you increase the likelihood of your project being selected for inclusion in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Universe of Proposed Studies.


What You Should Include

The MPO staff tend to look for state-of-the-practice studies, meaning those that focus on an emerging trend or relevant transportation topic in general, or as they apply to the entire Boston region. This may include transit (studies that focus on the MBTA or other regional transit authority services), active transportation (such as bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation), or the relationship between transportation and land use. Occasionally, the UPWP funds studies in a specific subregion or location when the findings of the study would have region-wide application, such as the Equity and Access to the Blue Hills (FFY 2022) study.


Some examples of state-of-the-practice studies that have been funded include Transportation Access Studies of Commercial Business Districts (FFY 2019), New and Emerging Metrics for Roadway Usage (FFY 2019), and Multimodal Resilience and Emergency Planning (FFY 2021).


Study submissions should include descriptions of the


The more extensive and thorough a study submission is, the easier it is for staff to understand the goal of the study, and therefore effectively evaluate it.


What You Should Not Include

Study submissions specific to a given location (e.g., an intersection in Holliston or corridor in Danvers) will not be funded as a discrete study and will instead be referred to the Multimodal Mobility Infrastructure Program for inclusion in the list of potential corridor studies and Complete Streets work. If you would like to discuss transportation issues specific to your municipality, please contact Rebecca Morgan at rmorgan@ctps.org.


Comments or complaints expressing issues with MBTA service or construction will also not be included in the Universe, but passed on to our partners at the relevant agencies. Submissions with vulgar language will not be considered.



Please contact Srilekha Murthy, UPWP Manager, at smurthy@ctps.org with any questions regarding these guidelines or assistance in developing a study idea.