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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Administration and Finance Committee
Agenda (PDF)
Agenda (HTML)
Minutes (PDF)
Minutes (HTML)
Attachment 1 (PDF): 2023/0216_AF_0119_Minutes.pdf
Attachment 1 (HTML): 2023/0216_AF_0119_Minutes.htm
Attachment 2 (PDF): 2023/0216_AF_ED_Hiring.pdf
Attachment 2 (HTML): 2023/0216_AF_ED_Hiring.htm
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Unified Planning Work Program Committee
Agenda (PDF)
Agenda (HTML)
Attachment 1 (PDF): 2023/0216_UPWP_0818_Summary.pdf
Attachment 1 (HTML): 2023/0216_UPWP_0818_Summary.htm
Attachment 2 (PDF): 2023/0216_UPWP_0915_Summary.pdf
Attachment 2 (HTML): 2023/0216_UPWP_0915_Summary.htm
Attachment 3 (PDF): 2023/0216_UPWP_1103_Minutes.pdf
Attachment 3 (HTML): 2023/0216_UPWP_1103_Minutes.htm
Attachment 4 (PDF): 2023/0216_UPWP_FFY2024_Timeline.pdf
Attachment 4 (HTML): 2023/0216_UPWP_FFY2024_Timeline.html
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