Development of the FFYs 2018–22 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

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On May 25, 2017, the MPO endorsed the new TIP (PDF) (HTML), which allocates funding for the next five federal fiscal years (FFYs), 2018–22. Thank you to those who submitted comments and participated in the document’s development. The Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administrations are expected to approve the new TIP in the fall of 2017. See the timeline to the right for the full document and translations of its executive summary, as well as upcoming milestones, meetings, and events.

The New TIP (FFYs 2018–22)


This year, 28 potential projects were under consideration for the MPO’s target funding. The MPO must make difficult decisions about how to spend its annual allocation of approximately 95 million dollars in discretionary funding, guided by the visions, goals, objectives, and investment framework established in Charting Progress to 2040.

Each year, we follow a similar process:

  1. Gather ideas and information (September-January) about possible projects from our own staff, member municipalities, and the public
  2. Analyze, evaluate, and select (February-March) projects based on our criteria and other factors such as project cost, project readiness, regional distribution of TIP funding, and other planning priorities and constraints
  3. Incorporate feedback (April-May) from municipalities and the public and agree on final list of transportation construction projects to program for federal funding

Refer to the timeline to the right for upcoming milestones, meetings, and events.


MPO’s TIP Tables and Database:

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