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The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MPO) five-year transportation capital investment plan, the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), is the near-term investment program for the region's transportation system. Guided by the Boston Region MPO's vision, goals, and objectives, established in the Long-Range Transportation Plan, the TIP prioritizes investments that preserve the current transportation system in a state of good repair, provide safe transportation for all modes, enhance livability, and improve mobility throughout the region. These investments fund major highway reconstruction, arterial roadway and intersection improvements, maintenance and expansion of the public transit system, bicycle path construction, and improvements for pedestrians.

For more detailed information on the development of the FFYs 2021-25 TIP, please visit the TIP Development Timeline webpage.

About this Application

This application provides project-level information for every project funded with Federal Highway Administration funds in the Boston Region MPO's FFYs 2021-25 TIP. Each project page features overview information that provides a high-level summary of the project's scope. Each project page also has additional information broken out across the six TIP project evaluation categories, which also correspond to the goals and objectives of the MPO (Safety, System Preservation and Modernization, Capacity Management and Mobility, Clean Air/Sustainable Communities, Transportation Equity, and Economic Vitality). These pages highlight the information used to score each TIP project and provide a detailed breakdown of scores by criteria. Finally, each project page features a funding summary detailing how funds are allocated to the project across programming years.

This application provides the most up-to-date information the MPO staff has on each project. For those projects that are funded using the MPO's Regional Target funds, more information is generally available as these projects were directly evaluated by MPO staff using project documentation such as functional design reports and project proponent questionnaires. For those projects funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, less information may be available, as these projects have not been directly evaluated by MPO staff.

This application currently features only those projects that are funded in the FFYs 2021-25 TIP with Federal Highway Administration funds. For a complete picture of all projects funded in the TIP, including those projects funded using Federal Transit Administration funds, please refer to Chapter 3 of the draft FFYs 2021-25 TIP. In the coming months, this platform will be expanded to include more information on past TIP projects as well as additional TIP-related content.

Comment on the FFYs 2021-25 Transportation Improvement Program

At the MPO meeting on April 30, 2020, the board voted to release the draft FFYs 2021-25 TIP for public review. The public comment period will run from May 1 through May 21, 2020. Please consider submitting a comment on the draft proposal through the MPO's comment form or by emailing mgenova@ctps.org.

References and Other Resources

FFYs 2021-25 TIP Evaluation Criteria

Draft FFYs 2021-25 TIP for Public Comment

Contact Us

For more information on the FFYs 2021-25 TIP or on the information presented in this database, please contact Matt Genova, Transportation Improvement Program Manager, at mgenova@ctps.org.

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