Newton Corner Rotary Study, Phase II

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Posted 01/09

The purpose of this study was to explore long-term improvements to relieve congestion in the vicinity of Newton Corner. To perform the study, staff used information from an earlier study, I-90 Interchange 17 (Newton Corner): Traffic Patterns and Operational and Safety Improvements, and applied the MPO’s regional model to test the alternatives. Also, CTPS staff worked with a study advisory committee to develop 10 initial improvement concepts, to select five for final analysis, and to evaluate the alternatives based on the objectives of the study. The selected alternatives, all tested for 2030 traffic conditions, are:

Alternative 1: Future no-build alternative
Alternative 2: Add an I-90 westbound off-ramp to North Beacon Street (Route 20)
Alternative 3: Add a westbound on-ramp and an eastbound off-ramp at Interchange 16
Alternative 4: Install tolls at the I-90 eastbound on-ramps at Interchanges 16 and 17
Alternative 5: Modify traffic operations for the east-side bridge approach

The evaluation indicated that Alternatives 2 and 4 appear to be the most effective in relieving congestion in the vicinity of Newton Corner. Further study is warranted to clarify operational, right-of-way, and environmental issues.

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