MBTA Program for Mass Transportation

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Posted 3/10

The Program for Mass Transportation (PMT) is the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s long-range capital planning document; it defines a 25-year vision for public transportation in eastern Massachusetts. The MBTA’s enabling legislation requires the Authority to update the PMT every five years and to implement the policies and priorities outlined in it through the annual Capital Investment Program (CIP). The PMT also defines the universe of transit projects that can be drawn on for inclusion in the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Long-Range Transportation Plan and in its Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). It is through the TIP that eligible projects receive federal funding. In addition to supporting regional planning, the PMT provides input to the statewide, multimodal, long-range transportation plan developed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Due to the size of this document, it can be downloaded in sections:

Mobility Problems and Proposed Solutions