Long-Range Transportation Plan—Needs Assessment

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Before the transportation system can be improved, it is important to understand how it currently works—and how well it serves the people and communities that live and work in the Boston region. This is why a needs assessment undergirds the MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the Boston Region, forming the basis on which the MPO makes decisions about allocating scarce federal funding resources.


The MPO’s needs assessment includes the following information about the region’s transportation system:

  • Current state of the transportation system
  • How it is used now
  • How it is projected to be used in the future
  • How it interacts with the region’s current and projected land use conditions and the environment
  • How well it serves low-income and minority populations

Current Needs Assessment

Charting Progress to 2040, the MPO’s most recent LRTP, includes a needs assessment that documents regional priority needs, as well as land use and travel characteristics.

Associated Interactive Apps

The MPO based its recent needs assessment on a rich suite of data. We invite you to view this data in the following set of interactive applications:

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For more information, please contact Anne McGahan, MPO staff, at 857.702.3676 or amcgahan@ctps.org.