Destination 2040 Needs

Identifying Transportation Needs in the Region

The first step toward improving the transportation system is to understand how well it serves its users. Thus, the MPO conducts a Needs Assessment to inform decisions about the allocation of federal transportation dollars. The Needs Assessment examines data about how people travel, the condition of the transportation facilities that they use, the interaction of the region’s transportation system with the built and natural environment, and ways that each of these factors could change in the future. In all of its analyses, the MPO pays special attention to the needs of people who traditionally have been underrepresented in transportation planning.

Examining Data and Gathering Input

Over the last year, MPO staff has been updating the Needs Assessment for Destination 2040. At the MPO’s meeting on November 15, 2018, staff presented the Draft Needs Assessment Summary and Recommendations memorandum (html) to the MPO board. The document summarizes key transportation needs staff has identified through outreach and analysis and identifies recommended programs, studies, and actions the MPO could continue or implement to address these needs. The MPO anticipates releasing the completed Needs Assessment in spring 2019. MPO staff will make information available as it is finalized in the interactive Needs Assessment and Performance Dashboard applications.

Interactive Data Applications

The MPO’s Needs Assessment is based on a rich suite of data. View these data in the following interactive applications:

Needs Assessment Outreach Materials

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Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC)
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