Transportation Equity Survey

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Through its Transportation Equity Program, the MPO gathers information about the transportation concerns of minority and low-income communities, elders, persons with disabilities, and persons with limited English proficiency. This information is important to MPO decision making.

Please complete this questionnaire to help the MPO understand your transportation needs and problems. All text boxes have a 1,050 character limit.

1) How well does the existing transportation system (transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and/or highway) meet your needs?

Very well
Not well
Not at all

If you answered “not well” or “not at all,” please explain:

2) Do you experience any of the following barriers to getting where you need to go? (Check all that apply.)

No public transportation
Cost of public transportation
Crossing busy streets
No (or not enough) sidewalks
Too much traffic
Pavement condition

If you answered “other, please explain:

3) I encounter the following gaps in the transportation system: (Check all that apply.)

No direct transit connections
Transit does not run often enough
Transit does not run early or late enough
Lack of pedestrian connections
Lack of bicycle connections

If you answered “other,” please explain:

4) If the transportation system does not meet your needs well, or you encounter any gaps or barriers, please indicate where you need to go and why the existing system does not meet your needs. For example:

From To Reason Time (if applicable)
Massachusetts Ave.
and Prospect St.
New England
Medical Center
There is no transit
service where I
need to go
3:00 AM

5) Please list the names of any organizations that might provide the MPO with useful information about transportation needs in your community:

I live in (community):

6) Please indicate if you would like to participate in a forum to discuss the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, low-income populations, and minorities.


If you answered “yes,” how would you like us to contact you?

7) Would you like us to keep you informed about our transportation equity work?


If you answered “yes,” how would you like us to contact you?

Thank you!