FFYs 2023-27 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment Four

This is a complex table that has not been optimized for screen–reading software. If you would like to request this table in a alternative format, please contact the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) via email at publicinfo@ctps.org blank blank blank Overall Changes in Funding in TIP
Project Proposed Change Explanation Section/Funding Source Former Cost New Cost Difference
FFY 2023 Highway Funds            
607327: Wilmington—Bridge Replacement, W-38-002, Route 38 (Main Street) over the B&M Railroad Cost Increase This project recently achieved a 100% design submission that indicated a need for a cost increase
State Highway: NHPP $9,200,000 $12,446,691 $3,246,691
607244: Winthrop—Reconstruction and Related Work along Winthrop Street and Revere Street Corridor Cost Increase On March 17th, the project reached the PS&E stage of development. Its budget is being increased to reflect its cost before advertising for construction. Regional Target: CMAQ, STBG, TAP $6,779,797 $7,567,452 $787,655
FFY 2023 MWRTA SMART Grant Award            
MWRTA 011455: BESST—Blanding Energy and Sustainable Storage Technology New Project This project will install solar power and battery banks for on-site energy and to power MWRTA’s electric fleet as part of developing a smart grid. 
SMART Grant N/A $985,000 $985,000
FFY 2023 MBTA            
Other anticipated MBTA project changes   Additional project amendments from the MBTA are to be announced.        



Note: The MBTA, Cape Ann Transportation Authority (CATA), and MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA), which are Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307(c) applicants, have consulted with the MPO and concur that the public involvement process adopted by the MPO for the development of the TIP satisfies the public hearing requirements that pertain to the development of the Program of Projects for regular Section 5307, Urbanized Area Formula Program, grant applications, including the provision for public notice and the time established for public review and comment.


B&M = Boston and Maine. CMAQ = Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality. FFY = Federal Fiscal Year. N/A = not applicable. NHPP = National Highway Performance Program. PS&E = Plans, Specifications, and Estimates. STBG = Surface Transportation Block Grant. TAP = Transportation Alternatives Program. TIP = Transportation Improvement Program.