Administration and Finance (A&F) Meeting Minutes

Draft Memorandum for the Record

Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization Meeting

January 5, 2023, Meeting

9:00 AM–9:40 AM, Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

Brian Kane, Chair, representing the MBTA Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda

1.    Introductions

See attendance on page 5.

2.    Public Comments  

There were none.

3.    Discussion: Operations Plan, MPO Work Products—Jonathan Church, MPO Staff

J. Church presented updates made to the Workflow and Products worksheet, following feedback from the December 15 A&F Committee meeting. The worksheet documents processes related to certification requirements, Board meeting agendas and minutes, and coordination with Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Office of Transportation Planning on materials to be presented at MPO meetings.


B. Kane stated that earlier discussions regarding the Workflow and Products worksheet were held in A&F Committee meetings in November and December 2022.

Tegin Teich stated that a vote is not required for each portion of the Operations Plan.

Lenard Diggins noted that for certain committee meetings, summary notes are used instead of minutes. He suggested altering the language in the MPO Meeting Minutes section of the worksheet to recognize this distinction.

L. Diggins furthered his concern that there is language in the document that causes the Board to rely on another body before being able to progress its work. B. Kane noted that the document discusses the need of all members to come forward with information in a timely manner. He added that the inclusion of the technical committee prototype will help with in-depth information sharing.

B. Kane stated that the goal of the Workflow and Products worksheet is to record what the existing process is for MPO work.

T. Teich added that the concerns L. Diggins mentioned are part of the 2011 MPO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will be updated as a requirement of the federal certification process.

L. Diggins raised concern that not all municipalities are represented on the MPO Board beyond their regional representation. L. Diggins flagged this as a potential issue with information sharing and trust and that he will return to this topic on a later date with more information.

4.    Discussion: Operations Plan, Executive Director—Brian Kane, Chair

T. Teich shared a suggested process for hiring an Executive Director. This is a generalized process based on the steps taken in previous years. The goal of this section of the document is to define the recruitment and hiring process for the Executive Director and clarify the process for approval of the Executive Director’s evaluation and salary adjustment.

T. Teich stated that an executive hiring committee will be formed consisting of the MPO Chair, Vice-Chair, and either the Regional Transportation Advisory Council Chair or the A&F Chair. This committee will make decisions on the recruiting and hiring process, consider if existing staff members should be considered, determine the membership of the candidate review team, and determine the membership of the finalist interview team.

The executive hiring committee will review attributes and qualifications needed for the Executive Director. MPO Staff and board members will be surveyed on key characteristics desired.

The hiring committee will review and revise the job description and confirm the accuracy of the current organizational chart, including the acting Executive Director. The committee will create the job announcement and determine the salary range.

The hiring committee and the fiduciary agent (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) will collaborate on posting and advertising the position. They will also draft interview questions and evaluation forms.

A candidate review team will review all resumes and applications to determine qualified candidates. Candidates will be invited to first round interviews, where the review team will determine which candidates will proceed to round two interviews. A staff update will be issued between first and second round interviews. A recommendation will be made by the final interview team.

At the A&F Committee meeting on February 2, 2023, likely in an Executive Session, final approval of the hiring decision will be made by the MPO Board.


B. Kane stated that it is good to address this process without having the pressure of having to name an Executive Director immediately.

Eric Bourassa stated that he agrees, and it is worth establishing a good process. He asked if the executive committee would create a memorandum identifying who will specifically be on each committee and if the committee members will need to be approved by the full MPO Board. T. Teich stated that this is not currently specified for approval. E. Bourassa stated that board approval would be a good way to integrate the MPO Board into the hiring process.

B. Kane stated that the executive hiring committee can include more than three members.

E. Bourassa noted that in the past, the appointed interim director was given increased compensation for their time. T. Teich recommended referencing the compensation plan as a baseline.

B. Kane stated that the purpose of this document is to provide the MPO with a framework for the overall process of hiring a new Executive Director to streamline the process. The document will be circulated for additional comments by staff.

B. Kane proposed an Executive Session for the next A&F meeting on February 2, 2023, to discuss the Executive Director compensation plan.

5.    Members’ Items

Dennis Giombetti asked if the A&F Committee will present the Operations Plan to the full Board for its feedback soon. B. Kane responded that this is something he is thinking about but is waiting for the administration transition to settle before initiating further discussion. T. Teich stated that a full board discussion is needed as it relates to the Transportation Improvement Program Process and Engagement Committee.

E. Bourassa asked if there is a list of outstanding tasks within the Operations Plan. J. Church responded that there is a list, and it will be circulated to committee members.

T. Teich stated that a future topic of discussion will surround defining a Code of Conduct for members. This discussion will define the types of behavior that the board supports relating to interactions with other board members, MPO Staff, and members of the public. T. Teich stated that it is recommended to have a Code of Conduct or behavioral norms on the record. This can act as a point of intervention should offensive behaviors occur before they escalate to a complaint.

L. Diggins stated his support for this idea and gave his thoughts on how board members should interact with staff. He provided an anecdote about CC’ing staff management onto emails related to staff presentations. He stated that having a framework for this situation can avoid questions of intent when including management in communication. T. Teich stated that this language is common in comparable documents in nearby municipalities.

6.    Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:41 AM.





and Alternates

MBTA Advisory Board

Brian Kane

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Eric Bourassa

MassDOT Office of Transportation Planning

Derek Krevat

Regional Transportation Advisory Council

Lenard Diggins

City of Boston (Boston Transportation Department)

Bill Conroy

MetroWest Regional Collaborative, City of Framingham

Dennis Giombetti


Other Attendees


Ryan Ferrara


Joy Glynn


Perry Grossman


Jon Seward


Tyler Terrasi


George Thiel



MPO Staff/Central Transportation Planning Staff

Tegin Teich, Executive Director

Jonathan Church

Annette Demchur

Ethan Lapointe

Erin Maguire

Srilekha Murthy

Gina Perille

Sam Taylor



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