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Members Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 22, 2017  


Board of Directors:

Chairman – James F. White

Vice Chairman – Lisa Weber


Executive Board

Nadine Jones

Mary Ann Murray

Beverly Ann Rock

James Tozza

Lisa Weber


­­Meeting opened at 1:03 PM.

Reading of the Agenda



Jim White, Nadine Jones, Eric Lane, Lisa Weber, Dee Whittlesy, Mary Ann Murray, Nancy Miller, Kevin Wilson, David Vieira, Marcy Segelman, Jeff Magnet, Tom Curtin, Elizabeth Crocker, Reggie Clark, Angela Manerson, Lina Hutchings, Richard Mahoney, Sylvia Mekler, and Frank Tarverna

MBTA Staff:

Carol Joyce-Harrington, Mike Hulak, Laura Brelsford, and Aniko Laszlo,

Vendor Staff:

Elizabeth Hickey, Victor Herrera, Kevin MacDonald, Steve Epps, Sean Powers, Linda Salazar, David Pearson, Christine Woznac, and


Patricia Mendez and Thomas Gilbert  

Approval of Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2017

January 25, 2017

December 21, 2016

November 16, 2016

All meeting minutes were approved with one abstention.


Chairman White’s Report

He stated the following:

Innovative Paradigm a branch of Paratransit Incorporated

Sean Powers, Travel Training Consultant gave an overview of Innovative Paradigm. He noted that his instructors have been providing training for the MBTA since September 2016.

He stated the following.

He then asked for questions.

D. Vieira asked if services were fee based. Sean P. noted that services for travel instructions are funded through SWA and MassDOT. 

E. Lane asked if the recertification for THE RIDE could be extended to five years. M. Hulak the maximum is three years.

T. Gilbert asked if instructors are aware to document any irregularities when they are aboard MBTA vehicles. S Powers noted that trainers are equipped with electronics to document and record problems and forward to the MBTA.

L. Weber asked that trainers, while in the field with trainees, report issues that they may see within any municipalities, state, or MBTA property.

M.A. Murray asked that additional information be provided for consumers to learn more about whom you are and what services you offer.  S. Powers stated that his staff is in the process of marketing.

J. Magnet asked will there be online tutorial classes in the future. L. Brelsford noted that there will be one in the future. A. Laszlo noted that they are producing a tutorial video with students and the elderly.

MBTA and Vendor Reports

MBTA Office for Transportation Access (OTA) -THE RIDE Program

Mike Hulak, Manager of Paratransit Contract Operations, submitted his report and shared the following:

He then asked for questions.

N. Miller commented that THE RIDE Eligibility Center interviewed her neighbor by phone. M. Hulak noted that depending on the disability this may happen time to time in some cases. He explained that it can only be done once.

J. Magnet commented that oftentimes people who take THE RIDE are not the person issued that ID number. M. Hulak noted that he is aware of the abuse. At this time they are unable to deny anyone service. Some people have ID’s others do not. OTA is working on a solution.

K. Wilson commented that his friend was unaware that MetroWest was no longer serviced by THE RIDE. M. Hulak explained that the MBTA does not service Framingham and has not for several years. He recommended that he contact TREC so that he is provided a visitor certificate good for one year or for 21 days. He was told that he would become a customer of MetroWest and to follow their policy. Chairman White commented that he will need to open an account with MeroWest. He also suggested that he get a copy of the current RIDE manual.

J. Workman is it true Brockton will no longer be serviced by the MBTA? M. Hulak stated the depending on where you are going in that area you may not be affected.

L. Weber concerned that not enough information concerning Automated Fare Collection (AFC) 2.0 is being shared. Chairman White indicated AFC 2.0 is in a working stage. She noted that she wants to be more proactive. M. Hulak commented that THE RIDE will not be affected. 

K. Wilson noted that a trip to Castle Island was abruptly derailed by THE RIDE driver. He was unable to take his beach chairs aboard the vehicle after making previous arrangements. He explained that the beach chair had a strap that you transport on your shoulder.

K. MacDonald suggested that he ask the driver to contact he dispatch for his input.

Chairman White thanked Mr. Hulak for his report.

Aniko Laszlo, Director of Coordinated Mobility, System-Wide Accessibility (SWA) and MassDOT/MBTA reported in the absence of Rob Sampson of SWA.

Stating the following:

T. Gilbert commented that subway operators need to have ADA training. L. Brelsford noted that training is being reviewed.

Chairman White thanked Ms. Laszlo for her report.

Veterans Transportation (VT)

Kevin MacDonald, Project Manager distributed his report and announced that the PAT class will be in early April.

He then asked for questions. None were asked.

Chairman White thanked Mr. McDonald for his report.


Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS)

Steve Epps, Director of Transportation, submitted his report and stated the following:

He then asked for questions.

J. Workman commented that THE RIDE driver refused her request to move his vehicle off a patch of ice. She noted that the driver was less than courteous and showed no sensitivity for her safety.

E. Lane commented that his driver did not assist him to the vehicle. S. Epps noted that drivers are there to assist you to and from the door and offer whatever aid you may need such as getting you medical attention, support walking, or provide aid if you stumble.

Chairman White thanked Mr. Epps for his report.

National Express Transit (NEXT)

Victor Herrera, General Manager, stated the following:

He then asked for questions.

A consumer explained that THE RIDE driver was unable to drop him off at the Target store at South Shore Plaza. M. Hulak noted that the policy to drop people off in a central location was done for safety due to the construction in the area. He noted that he would look into the policy to see if changes can be made.

Chairman White thanked Mr. Herrera for his update.

Global Contact Services, LLC

Christine Woznac, General Manager, THE RIDE Access Center (TRAC) commented that she had submitted her report and would now answer questions.

F. Tarverna commented that his home phone number is listed instead of his cell number which is always with him. M. Hulak asked that he call OTA to have the correct number listed in his profile.

M.A. Murray commented that the TRAC data report was incomplete. C. Woznac stated that the NEXT was responsible for data Feb 1-10 before the transition took place. GCS is responsible Feb 11th to 28 which was after the transition. GCS will be responsible for the data from this point and NEXT will only transport.

A consumer asked if GCS will hire staff from other vendors or will they hire new staff. C. Woznac noted they are actively pursuing staff from other vendors as the transition takes place and that there have been some hires from NEXT. She noted that the vendors’ staffs are the expert at their job.

E. Crocker explained that THE RIDE vehicles park further away from the entrance at the Braintree Mall. She noted that it is impossible to see the vehicle if you are visually impaired. C. Woznac asked that they make a notation in the profile for the driver. She noted that the information is on file.

Chairman White thanked Ms. Woznac for her update.

 Keolis Commuter Services (KCS), LLC

Elizabeth Hickey, Manager and Title VI/ADA Enforcer, stated the following:

She then asked for questions.

A. Manerson asked for an update of the Beverly Depot (BD) mini-high platforms which are out of service. E. Hickey explained that on April 4th the mini-highs would be back in service. She noted that KC apologies for the inconvenience but in the interest of safety this had to be done. It was also noted that the BD has been identified as a station that will   undergo major renovations this summer.

Chairman White thanked Ms. Hickey for her update.

Meeting adjourned at 3:01PM. 






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