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Draft 2017 Triennial Title VI Report Available for Public Review

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) released a draft of its new Triennial Title VI Report (pdf) (html) for a 30-day public review period. The MPO will accept comments on the new Title VI report from members of the public through Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

Executive Summary (pdf) (html)

Language Assistance Plan (pdf) (html)

Appendices (pdf)

The report reflects the MPO’s efforts over the past three years (since its prior Title VI report) to identify the specific transportation concerns and needs of federally protected populations. These populations include individuals and groups covered by Title VI, environmental justice, and other nondiscrimination regulations.

The document includes the MPO’s plan to identify Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations, ascertain which languages they speak, and translate vital MPO documents into these languages. The report describes how the MPO ensures that all members of the public have the opportunity to participate in the planning process through its outreach activities. Furthermore, the report includes data and maps that detail the demographic characteristics of protected populations in the region and analyses of how the MPO distributes its transportation investments.

Email or use our online comment form to submit your feedback on the Title VI report by July 18, 2017. MPO staff will hold office hours on July 6, 2017 from 1:30 to 3:00 PM and July 13, 2017 from 1:30 to 6:00 PM. Office Hours are opportunities for one-on-one conversations with MPO Staff. Stop by our offices or call 857.702.3687 to discuss the Draft Title VI Report or other MPO activities and learn more about regional transportation planning.

Subsequent to the MPO’s approval, the report will be submitted to MassDOT and our federal partners.

See below for more information on Title VI, the MPO’s Transportation Equity program, and to view the current Title VI report (2014).

Title VI and Transportation Equity

The Transportation Equity program is an important way to include protected populations in all aspects of MPO planning, and to ensure that funding decisions are equitable for all. As a recipient of federal funds, the MPO must monitor its programs and activities regularly to confirm that they comply with Title VI and other non-discrimination regulations—which demonstrate that MPO practices do not discriminate, either intentionally or unintentionally.

The MPO reports its Title VI findings to MassDOT every three years, and provides annual updates in the interim years. The most recent triennial report is the 2014 MPO Title VI Report. MassDOT coordinates the review of these documents by FHWA and FTA.

Although Title VI protections apply specifically to minority populations (including those with LEP), previous MPO Title VI reports also analyzed the effects of MPO programs and activities on low-income populations. The MPO is currently working to expand its Title VI monitoring and reporting activities to include other protected populations: the elderly, and people with disabilities.

As part of its Title VI monitoring, the MPO identifies and locates protected populations. The maps below show the location of minority, low-income, and LEP populations in the MPO region:


Transportation affects each one of us, from the length of our commutes to the quality of our air. Transportation planning decisions—which studies are completed, which projects are built—have real and significant impacts, which may be felt unevenly across the Boston region. The MPO is committed to considering the needs and views of communities in the Boston region that historically may have received a smaller share of our transportation system’s benefits and a larger share of its burdens.

The transportation equity (TE) program works to:

  • Provide populations protected under various federal and state civil rights statutes, executive orders, and regulations (protected populations) an equal opportunity to participate fully in the MPO’s transportation planning and decision-making process.
  • Ensure that protected populations share equitably in the benefits and burdens of past, present, and planned transportation projects, programs, and services.

The MPO’s TE program has grown over time to respond to the changing federal requirements that underpin the program and to the evolving needs of the Boston region. Originally, the MPO’s TE program was designed to serve populations protected under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Executive Order 12898 requires federal agencies (and recipients of their financial assistance) to identify and address any disproportionately high adverse effects of their programs, policies, and activities on minority or low-income populations. More recently, Executive Order 13166 mandated equal access to services and benefits for those individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). The MPO has extended its TE program to include the elderly, and those with disabilities.


As an important part of the MPO's central vision statement, equity is reflected in the MPO's goals and objectives. The MPO implements its TE program through three ongoing activities:

  1. Reaching out to protected populations for advice and feedback while developing the LRTP, TIP, UPWP, and other MPO documentation
  2. Systematically considering equity as a factor when selecting studies for the UPWP and projects for the LRTP and TIP
  3. Analyzing the location and transportation needs of protected populations and estimating the impacts that recommended projects in the draft LRTP will have on the access, mobility, congestion, and air quality of protected populations—which determines whether the recommendations are changed before a final LRTP is adopted

An in-depth description of the methods used to incorporate equity considerations into the long-range planning process are described in Chapter 7 (pdf) (html) of Charting Progress to 2040, the current LRTP.

Transportation Equity Resources

  • Transportation Services Available to the Elderly: A catalog of transportation services that are available to elders in each of the MPO’s 101 communities.
  • Transportation Equity Survey: If you would like the MPO to be aware of transportation equity issues that you face, please take a moment to tell the MPO about your needs by completing the MPO’s Transportation Equity Survey.
For more information, please contact Betsy Harvey, Title VI Specialist, MPO staff, at 857.702.3701 or

Borrador del Informe Trienal 2017 del Título VI Disponible para la Revisión Pública

La MPO (Organización de Planificación Metropolitana) ha publicado el borrador de su nuevo Informe Trienal 2017 del Título VI para que en un período de 30 días, el público emita su opinión. La MPO aceptará todo comentario del público referido al nuevo Informe del Título VI hasta el 18 de Julio, 2017, inclusive. Lea el Resumen Ejecutivo (pdf) (html) y el Plan de Asistencia con Idiomas (pdf) (html).

El informe es el reflejo de los esfuerzos realizados por la MPO en los últimos tres años (desde el informe del Título VI anterior) con el propósito de identificar los inconvenientes específicos del transporte y las necesidades de las poblaciones protegidas a nivel federal. Estas poblaciones incluyen a habitantes y grupos de individuos comprendidos en el Título VI, la justicia ambiental y en otras regulaciones no discriminatorias.

El documento incluye el plan de la MPO para identificar poblaciones con dominio limitado del idioma inglés (LEP por su sigla en inglés), determinar qué idiomas hablan y traducir documentos vitales a estos idiomas. El informe también describe cómo la MPO se asegura de que cada miembro del público tenga la oportunidad de participar en el proceso de planificación a través de su participación en las actividades. El informe también incluye datos y mapas que detallan las características demográficas de las poblaciones protegidas en la región y los análisis de la distribución de las inversiones la MPO en transporte.

Escríbanos un correo electrónico o utilice nuestro formulario para comentarios en línea para enviar sus opiniones sobre el Informe del Título VI antes del 18 de julio, 2017, inclusive. Después de que el Informe sea aprobado por la MPO, será enviado a la MassDOT (Departamento de Transporte de Massachusetts, por sus siglas en inglés) y a las autoridades federales correspondientes.

Versão preliminar 2017 do Relatório Trienal do Título VI disponível para análise pública

A MPO divulgou uma versão preliminar do seu novo Relatório Trienal do Título VI para um período de análise pública de 30 dias. A MPO aceitará comentários sobre o novo Relatório do Título VI de membros do público até 18 de julho de 2017. Leia o Resumo Executivo (pdf) (html) e o Plano de Assistência Linguística (pdf) (html).

O relatório apresenta o trabalho da MPO nos últimos três anos (desde o relatório anterior do Título VI) para identificar as preocupações e necessidades específicas de transporte das populações amparadas pelo governo. Essas populações incluem indivíduos e grupos abrangidos pelo Título VI, pela Justiça Ambiental e por outros regulamentos de não discriminação.

O documento inclui o plano da MPO para identificar as populações de Proficiência Limitada em Inglês (LEP), verificar quais idiomas elas falam e traduzir documentos importantes para esses idiomas. O relatório também descreve como a MPO garante que todos os membros do público tenham a oportunidade de participar do processo de planejamento através de suas atividades de divulgação. O relatório também inclui dados e mapas que detalham as características demográficas das populações protegidas na região, bem como análises de como a MPO distribui os investimentos em transporte.

Envie um e-mail ou use o formulário de comentários on-line para deixar a sua opinião sobre o Relatório do Título VI até 18 de julho de 2017. Após a aprovação pela MPO, o relatório será enviado ao Departamento de Transportes de Massachusetts (MassDOT) e aos nossos parceiros federais.

Bouyon Rapò Atik VI 2017 ki Soti Chak Twa Lane a Disponib pou Revizyon Piblik la

MPO a pibliye yon bouyon Rapò Atik VI ki Soti Chak Twa Lane a, pou yon peryòd revizyon piblik 30 jou. MPO a ap aksepte kòmantè sou nouvo rapò Atik VI la nan men manm piblik la jiska 18 jwiyè 2017. Li Rezime Egzekitif (pdf) (html) la ak Plan Asistans Lang (pdf) (html) la.

Rapò a reflete efò MPO yo pandan twa lane ki pase yo (depi rapò Atik VI anvan li a) pou idantifye enkyetid presi transpò yo ak bezwen popilasyon pwoteje sou plan federal yo. Popilasyon sa yo enkli moun ak gwoup ki kouvri pa Atik VI jistis anviwonnmantal yo ak lòt règleman kont diskriminasyon yo.

Dokiman an enkli plan MPO a pou idantifye popilasyon ki pa Metrize Lang Anglè yo (Limited English Proficiency, LEP), verifye ki lang yo pale, epi tradwi dokiman vital yo nan lang sa yo. Rapò a dekri tou kijan MPO a asire ke tout manm piblik la genyen opòtinite pou patisipe nan pwosesis planifikasyon an atravè aktivite sansibilizasyon li yo. Rapò a enkli tou, done ak kat jewografik ki detaye karakteristik demografik popilasyon ki pwoteje yo nan rejyon an epi analize kijan MPO a distribye envestisman transpò li yo.

Voye imel oubyen itilize fòmilè kòmantè anliy nou an pou soumèt kòmantè ou sou rapò Atik VI lan anvan 18 jwyè 2017. Anplis apwobasyon MPO a, y ap soumèt rapò a bay MassDOT ak patnè federal nou yo.


MPO发布了新制定的《三年期〈民权法案〉第VI章报告》初稿,公众可以在30天的公示期内进行审阅。MPO将会在2017年7月18日之前接受公众成员所提交有关《〈民权法案〉第VI章报告》的意见。请阅读《执行总结》(PDF) (HTML)和语言协助计划(PDF) (HTML)





MPO已發佈其最新一份《第VI號三年報告》草案並進行為期30日的公眾意見諮詢。MPO將接受公眾對新一份第VI號報告的意見,直至2017年7月18號。請閱讀《執行總結》(PDF) (HTML)和《語言協助計劃》(PDF) (HTML)